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Our clients show solidarity!   

Looking at Eastern Europe it is obvious that we all are speechless and overwhelmed. The current situation and the suffering associated with it makes many people very concerned and makes us feel helpless. Millions of people have already fled from Ukraine to escape the war – and now need support. Throughout Europe peace demonstrations are being held, shelters are being organized, and relief supplies are being collected and transported – there are countless ways to help the people from Ukraine. We at Public Link have decided that we want to get involved individually and are actively doing so. You can follow us on how we do this on our social networks Instagram and LinkedIn

Our clients are also doing their part to support the people in Ukraine and their families in Germany. Energy food manufacturer Clif Bar is working with its long-time partner Convoy of Hope to provide emergency aid and support their relief efforts on the ground. Finnish sneaker brand Rens is donating 100 percent of all proceeds from the sale of “Ocean Blue Sneakers” to charitable relief organizations for two months. MEININGER Hotels is providing some hotel rooms for refugees in Berlin.

Also the vegan fashion label Alife & Kickin shows solidarity – how exactly they support Ukraine, Lisa Schwebel from Alife & Kickin tells us in a short interview:

Alife & Kickin® is a fair and vegan street and sportswear brand with a focus on style, functionality and sustainability. The eco-friendly fashion label, which has banned all animal products from its collections since 2013, is officially PETA Approved Vegan.

PL: Dear Lisa, nice of you to take time for us. Please introduce yourself and your job briefly.

Lisa Schwebel: I’m Lisa, I work as a freelancer at Alife & Kickin and I’m mainly responsible for [the production and campaign planning of] image shoots. Currently I’m also taking over the social media account. 

PL: February 24, 2022 will probably remain one of the shock markers in all of our memories. Are you affected by the current situation and how do you deal with it? 

Lisa: Our production was not affected by this. However, it must be said that emotionally, of course, it was a standstill. I also paused the social media activities for a time, but for the reason that I helped to pack boxes at the Avus rest stop outside Berlin and was not actively working for Alife & Kickin at all. Also our CEO Nick has completely extended and renovated two apartments so that he can take in refugees, besides the usual madness.

PL: How did you get active together as a company? 

Lisa: As a company, we donated 600 winter jackets worth about €50,000 – a 12h action. [It only took one phone call and] via express, a freight forwarder came to the Avus in Berlin and there we loaded the jackets with the Berlin designers Marina Hörmanseder and Ewa Herzog directly to Ukraine.

PL: Do you have any opportunities within the company to get involved?

Lisa: Internally, we called for donations for the expansion of the two apartments of Nick. So everyone could participate in different ways: I remotely sent an IKEA gift card, others helped clean the apartments on site, or filled the fridge.

PL: What has the response been like? 

Lisa: One apartment is now occupied. We found a family through a private contact who have now moved in: a mother with twins (3.5 years old) and grandparents to boot. Nick’s family is also taking care of registration, daycare places etc. at the moment. 

The mother also has the possibility to start with us, she probably will. At the moment she is still arriving. Last weekend we all went to the zoo together to give the kids a little normality. 

For the other apartment (approx. 40qm) we are still looking for refugees. Unfortunately, the authorities in Saxony are not behind with the placement, which is a pity, because everything is completely ready for occupancy, the refrigerator is filled, etc.. 

Also the Truck with the donations from the Avus rest stop (including our jackets) arrived in Ukraine.

PL: What was your experience? Can you give any tips to other companies who also want to get involved?

Lisa: It was our private gut decision to help and to do and give what we can. If other companies decide to donate, there are a lot of fundraisers regionally and across Europe on many different platforms. Just do it and make it happen. 

We were lucky because of our short communication channels that it was super fast. One call and the jackets were ready to ship, which is actually an advantage with our company size. 

PL: Dear Lisa, thank you very much for your answers and for your commitment! 

In Berlin and all over Germany there are countless possibilities to help the people from Ukraine and we would like to give you a small overview so that you can become active yourself!

Help on arrival:

Support large aid organizations:

Organize emergency shelter:


Peacefully protest:

Attention recording! Step by step to the perfect branded podcast

Especially in the pandemic, the already increasingly popular medium podcast became an absolute hype. So it’s no wonder that companies are now also integrating the communication medium into their marketing mix as an ideal branding tool – and in a far more sophisticated way than via the classic pre-roll.
From a PR perspective in particular, the podcast is an excellent medium for sharing brand messages, exciting insights and valuable tips with the target group.how this works, we explain step by step using the example of our client, the vacation home online marketplace FeWo-direkt, with whom we created the podcast “Mit Kind und Koffer”

Step 1 – Determine topic and target group

The first consideration was the target audience. Do we make a podcast for the media or rather for consumers? Depending on the decision, this will affect the entire approach to the production, starting with the partners, the interviewees and the content topics, up to the accompanying marketing and PR measures. We decided on the target group “families who like to spend their holidays in a vacation home”.


1. The target group should be defined in advance. The sharper the definition, the easier all further steps and the identification of topics will be.

Step 2 – Find competent partners & snappy formats

For the technical implementation and production, we addressed the digital city magazine “MitVergnügen”, whose employees have already been producing such successful podcasts as “Hotel Matze”, “Familienrat”, “Beziehungsrat”, “Heute in 5 Jahren – der Zukunftspodcast” for several years.  When it came to the topic of travel, MitVergnügen was able to demonstrate expertise with their brand extension “Reisevergnügen”. 

Together, we proceeded to define the format and decided on casual conversations between the editor-in-chief of Reisevergnügen, Charlott Tornow, and the book author & family expert Nora Imlau.


1. Loose conversations are better suited for podcasts than stiff interviews.

2. Competent partners with technical know-how and production experience are essential.

Step 3 – Searching for a title, creating guidelines and getting to know the interviewees

After an intensive brainstorming session, we decided on the podcast title “Mit Kind und Koffer” (With child and suitcase). Afterwards, we were able to mutually determine the topics for the individual episodes. For the beginning, we limited ourselves to a season with four episodes. Each episode was supposed to have a clear structure, deal with a specific topic and feature a conversation between host Charlotte and Nora Imlau. The client was able to specify the topics they wanted. In the end, we agreed on a more general first episode, followed by conversations about vacations with babies and toddlers, vacations with teenagers and vacations with grandparents.

Rough guidelines for the 20-to 30-minute conversations were prepared. That way, all participants knew in advance what was going to be discussed without the conversations seeming too scripted and thus inauthentic later on. 


1. The podcast title should be short and meaningful at the same time, so that it is immediately clear what it’s all about.

2. Conversation guidelines with questions and bullet points for the answers make it easier to record and prevent people from getting bogged down or the conversation coming to a dead stop. In addition, the customer can name the topics that are most important to him in advance.

3. With a pre-announcement of the podcast via social media, potential listeners can be invited to send questions. In this way, you create the first interested followers.

4. The interviewees should not only be suitable in terms of content, it is also ideal if they already have a certain level of recognition (influencers, authors, journalists, scientists…) in order to bring along their followers as potential listeners.

5. Preliminary interviews are important so that the interviewees can get used to each other and get to know one another. Later on, the episodes will seem much more natural.

Step 4 – Compose music, design the logo and get some good technology. 

In the next step, we had MitVergnügen compose a title melody that would fit the theme and tenor of the podcast. The logo was developed on the basis of a brand photo of the client.  Due to the lockdown, it was unfortunately not possible for Nora Imlau to travel to the podcast studio in Berlin. Normally, however, this makes sense for the atmosphere of the conversation and for technical reasons. To save time, the recordings of the four episodes were scheduled for two consecutive days. 


1. An own title melody gives the podcast a recognition value. GEMA-free music is possible, but quickly sounds arbitrary.

2. For the title picture/logo, simple graphics or icons are better than photos. Company logos should not be used.

3. When branding, both visually and in terms of content, it is best to act as restrained as possible.

4. Everyone should have the same technical requirements; a professional recording studio is not a must, but it makes post-production work easier.

5. It’s recommended to record 10 minutes longer in order to have enough material for post-production and to cut less successful parts.

Step 5 – Postproduction and setting up the channel

After the recording was completed, the episodes went into post-production at MitVergnügen. A teaser was produced, the lead-in for the episodes was recorded, the misspeaks and filler words were cut from the conversations, and the acoustic artifacts were removed. Finally, the client was able to approve the finished episodes before publication. This prevented misinformation in the content. Afterwards, the MitVergnügen employees set up the channel on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


1. Every podcast needs a short, approximately 2-minute teaser that sets the direction and content.

2. Rough mistakes or too many “uhms” can be cut out in post-production.

3. Setting up a new channel takes about two days. What can be heard on Spotify and Apple Podcast will automatically run on other podcast platforms later.

Step 6 – The episodes are published and accompanied by media activities

In a two-week rhythm, the pre-produced episodes were launched live on Fridays and accompanied with social media activities – both by MitVergnügen and Reisevergnügen as well as with influencer and media cooperations via FeWo-direkt. A press release was also written for the first episode. Since podcasts are a long-lived medium and the content is still quite relevant today, references to the podcast are made in all external communication (e.g. boilerplates, emails, etc.). 


1. With a new podcast, it makes sense to put a few episodes live right at the start of the season – two or three. After that, further episodes should be published at weekly intervals. This creates better loyalty among listeners and ensures that they remember the podcast.

2. Podcasts grow slowly. The first episode will always have the most listeners. But the more often and longer you feed the podcast with new episodes, the better for the numbers.

3. Social media accompaniment is important. The more influencers with a wide reach link to the podcast via “swipe-up”, the better. It’s best to promote each episode individually. The budget for social media support should be similar to the budget for the entire podcast production.

Our conclusion – let’s do it again!

Podcasts offer many possibilities – also for PR. However, one should not expect huge media attention; podcasts mainly pay off in terms of brand awareness. Although the number of podcasts is continuously increasing and the competition is growing, brands can definitely still occupy certain niches. However, branding should be used very discreetly and with a lot of sensitivity. For “Mit Kind und Koffer” FeWo-direkt has taken a kind of pioneering position in the industry. So there are no more obstacles to a further season of the podcast. We are already looking forward to it!

What’s next after the pandemic, Marina Burdorf?

Billion-dollar losses, layoffs, bankruptcies. The impact of the pandemic on the entertainment and event industry has been a frequent topic of controversial dispute in recent weeks and months. Often, there has only been a fine line between general social responsibility and justified concerns of members within the industry. In the meantime, we are in the second year of the pandemic and the advancing vaccination campaigns worldwide are fuelling hopes that we are nearing the end. Time to look ahead, because we, too, can hardly wait to work with our clients again to implement communication concepts that go beyond digital alone. What will the events of the future look like? In what form will communication take place? What role will sustainability play? 

Public Link spoke with three partners and event experts who venture an outlook on the future of the event industry. 

As Head of Human Resources at the marketing and event agency “B2M”, Marina Burdorf has many years of experience in the industry and knows about the emotional significance of interpersonal gatherings. Nevertheless, she also assumes that hybrid events will be the format of the future. 

Emotions are missing in front of the screen

For more than a year, we have been in a strange and at the same time challenging situation that has had a lasting impact on the entire culture and event industry. It is an unprecedented situation, and thus there is a lack of experience – for organizers, for event participants, for cultural operators, but also for politicians. 

Currently, there is a trend towards digital events in order to maintain the activation of the community. Opportunities are being seized to build up communities, reach them even beyond the regional borders, and network them with one another. Different communities are growing together digitally in this way. 

But even if there are opportunities, something is still missing – all the things that actually characterize events: getting to know like-minded people, switching off from everyday life, the “once in a lifetime” feeling. These emotions don’t come up in front of the screen. Especially not if you already spend a lot of your time in front of the computer during home office hours. 

In my opinion, the hybrid event format will become increasingly important. It also has the potential to combine two wonderful formats and make the most of both, thus extending the live event experience.

Hybrid events offer the best of both worlds

Events are not just a leisure activity; they add a significant contribution to the economy as a whole. Unfortunately, this is often forgotten – even though 1.5 million people work in the event and culture industry and many are currently experiencing sales losses of up to 100 percent. Cultural life thrives on the lifeblood of exactly these people, which is why we must pay increasing attention to supporting them. 

Well-differentiated pilot projects and the update for the Corona Warning App 2.0, which will allow event registration, are raising hope.

B2M creative:
The internationally active agency for field marketing, performance advertising and community marketing counts numerous brands from the sports, food and technology sectors among its clients. The aim is to jointly implement cross-media and sustainable marketing concepts in order to build the brand responsibly in various ways.

© Pexels - Pablo Heimplatz

What’s next after the pandemic, Alexander Vogel?

Billion-dollar losses, layoffs, bankruptcies. The impact of the pandemic on the entertainment and event industry has been a frequent topic of controversial dispute in recent weeks and months. Often, there has only been a fine line between general social responsibility and justified concerns of members of the industry. In the meantime, we are in the second year of the pandemic and the advancing vaccination campaigns worldwide are fuelling hopes that the end of the tunnel is at hand. Time to look ahead, because we, too, can hardly wait to work with our clients again to implement communication concepts that go beyond digital alone. What will the events of the future look like? In what form will communication take place? What role will sustainability play?  

Public Link spoke with three partners and event experts who venture an outlook on the future of the event industry. 

Alexander Vogel, managing director of the Berlin communications agency “26zehn,” expects a greater awareness of ecological issues and is convinced that the hybridization of events will play a key role in the future. Together with his agency, we managed the last event before the outbreak of the pandemic in spring 2020. It is therefore only right that he is also the first person we talk to about the time after Covid.

We can agree that 2020 was a gloomy year for the event industry. Nevertheless, every crisis also brings new opportunities, and so the current pandemic is creating the necessary pressure to rethink. As a creative agency with a focus on events & live communication, we want to take advantage of that and have already positioned ourselves more broadly as an agency before the pandemic. 

Tailwind for greener digital events

Fortunately, the pandemic hit us at a time when large parts of the world were already connected with high-speed internet and had the technological capabilities available to bridge physical distance and work remotely effectively. Technology is becoming more powerful and the options for meeting are currently more plentiful than ever before. 

But the focus here is not only on the resources of time and effectiveness, but above all on the environment and our footprint. If we’re honest, it’s been clear to us for a long time that flying halfway around the world for a meeting, a symposium or a short visit to a trade fair is neither effective nor timely. Hopefully, this will continue to be limited in the future as we continue to focus on digital and hybrid solutions. The realignment of values that is currently taking place is accelerating the discovery of innovative approaches to solutions and the development of sustainable information and communication technologies. Wise use of technology is more important than ever. In this context, the hybridization of events will certainly play a key role. The combination of live events and digital interaction is already enabling completely new formats. 

Key elements: Hybridization, digital events and precise planning 

For us as an agency, one of the key factors for the successful organization of an event – in addition to compliance with hygiene standards, which is now a standard part of our work, and the development of creative event concepts, smart security and prevention concepts – will also be the precise planning of the event after the actual event. This refers to professional, targeted data management, which represents clear added value for both the organizing brands and the event attendees. In future tenders and pitches, this additional aspect will play a key role alongside the actual development of creative overall concepts, customized staging and individual event design.

Making digital options an asset and rethinking time scales 

Less physical presence also means more space. By relying on less space for digital event concepts, multiple events could be held simultaneously at one location. In addition, it would be conceivable to hold individual events over a longer period of time in order to generate adequate visitor numbers again while meeting hygiene standards. Numerous agencies and companies are also taking advantage of the currently available space in their business premises to set up professionally equipped studios and produce more of their own formats. 

But we shouldn’t kid ourselves: virtual interactions cannot ultimately replace human ones, not in real life and not in live communication either. Instead, the focus is more than ever on the quality of the encounter. The desire for closeness and overcoming distance enjoys top priority. Networking on the sidelines and spontaneous exchanges are still an inherent need. We are currently making this challenge our mission. We are looking forward to the future, while also returning to classic event formats. 

Alexander Vogel is Managing Director at 26zehn”. The communications agency from Berlin is known for its cross-media expertise and clear philosophy: according to the agency, every project starts with a white sheet of paper, 26 letters and ten numbers. Its clients include WallDecaux, ADAC, XING and the Bayer Group.

Harry & Meghan: A PR perspective on the big royal interview

The interview of the year is still on everyone’s lips: When US talk show host Oprah Winfrey sat down with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan for some explosive revelations about the royal family’s treatment of the former actress – from harassment to accusations of racism – the world watched in shock.

The publics’ reaction: mixed. Malicious tongues claim that Meghan in particular can’t let go of fame and does everything she can to stay in the limelight and earn a penny or two.

Those who are of this opinion, however, get new fodder with the latest news, as: The Sussexes are said to have signed huge deals with giant tech companies shortly before the big interview. These include Netflix with a triple-digit deal and Spotify with a double-digit million deal.

There is no doubt that the allegations from the interview are troubling to say the least. What is doubtful, however, is the timing. One might even argue that the royal couple’s accusations should have been made public immediately – so why wait?

As “old hands” in the business, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan know exactly how to deal with the media and what information to use best, when and how. So it doesn’t come as a shock that the couple would use the momentum to cash in. For Meghan in particular, as a former actress, a deal with the steaming giant Netflix is more than beneficial – with it, documentary series and various other TV formats are virtually in the pipeline.

After the general debate on whether the royals intentions were pure or purely money driven, all eyes turned to Buckingham Palace. Would the Queen issue a statement in response or keep quiet over the allegations? 

It is said Queen Elizabeth at first refused to sign an official statement. But on Tuesday evening (March 9), Buckingham Palace did release a message from the British royal family. A statement that was to the point, straightforward and yet laced with one or two digs.

From a PR perspective, we don’t think the Palace could have reacted any differently. Though brief, the couple’s accusations were addressed with earnestness and further rumors of a divided family were quashed with the final words, “Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved members of my family”. 

Click here for the Queen’s statement: https://edition.cnn.com/2021/03/09/uk/buckingham-palace-response-harry-meghan-gbr-intl/index.html 

Time will tell how and if the royal family will overcome this current crisis and whether Harry & Meghan will exploit the power of the media in the future. In any case, we think both parties have played their parts well in terms of PR. 

The world is a very serious place right now, but this made us laugh in context of the Royal Interview:


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Vitamix – Public Link – PR Agentur Berlin

Taste explosion at the touch of a button

Vitamix entrusts Public Link with its whole budget for Germany

As the result of a pitch, Public Link has been allocated the German communications budget of Vitamix. We now support the worldwide market leaders in high performance blenders in the premium segment with repositioning of the brand as part of the “Feed Your Life” global brand relaunch campaign. The first project is an integrated launch campaign for the new market entry model Explorian, with a mix of PR, social media, influencer relations and online marketing.

Ten kitchen appliances in one
Explorian, like all other Vitamix models, can do so much more than simply preparing delicious and healthy smoothies – with functions like kneading, grinding and pureeing. In all it combines ten kitchen appliances in a single device. The secret behind its countless culinary possibilities is the special Vitamix technology based on stubby, laser-cut blades. Other than conventional blenders, which only slice and mix, with Vitamix the ingredients are first shredded, then finely ground and finally mixed at high speed into a homogenous mass. In the process the mixture is enriched with oxygen, which as well as giving it a soft and creamy texture leads to a natural intensification of flavours.

Persuasive customised one-stop solution
Vitamix decided in favour of us to drive forward the reorientation of its German marketing and communications activities. This task was previously divided among several agencies and is now performed solely by Public Link. “We want to become more trendy, agile and effective, and place the focus more strongly on consideration and conversion. Public Link convinced us especially with its creative ideas, strategic competence and team spirit – we are looking forward to working together”, said Karen Hicks, Marketing Strategy Manager for Vita-Mix Europe, responsible for deciding about the pitch.

Thanks for the compliment! We are very proud to be appointed for this role for Vitamix. With our proven launch expertise with international brands and long-term experience in the Food & Beverage sector we also look forward to a good and prosperous partnership for the German market.