It takes courage

to take a step into
a new market.

Are you ready to tackle the DACH market with your product, service or brand?
Your brand target group is no stranger to you?
And you want to shine a bright spotlight on your newest venture?
Then you got what it takes.
As a strategically managed creative agency, we accompany you on your way into the DACH market as your mentor and motivator.
When we dare something new, we don’t leave success to mere chance. Instead, we act with precision and navigate your brand through every single step of the launch phase.
We have been successfully pioneering the launch of brands and products into the DACH market for over 20 years – our success is evidently based on our experience, but especially on our reflective thinking style.
Let’s get you launched.

Our success principle

To build up an international brand in the DACH market you must EARN awareness, relevance and the interest of the people, and that is our primary goal!

This is the reason we start by analysing your brand for its earned media potential with our Brand Potential Sprint®.

Based on a unique launch process

We always kick-off with our Brand Potential Sprint®.

We monitor the market and observe the people, identify your brand’s potential, and discover your brand and product truths.

Leading to a long term strategy. Individually.

For this purpose, we have created flexible, tailored modules that cover every single phase of the launch process.

Roadmap to new ground

Working agilely, systematically and comprehensively – but never standardised and always highly-customized. Our experience has shown us that success is rarely found on familiar paths.

Breaking new ground.
With launch strategies that matter.

Brave enough?

Please contact: Ingo Harding CEO