Our clients show solidarity!   

Our clients show solidarity!   

Month: April
Year: 2022

Looking at Eastern Europe it is obvious that we all are speechless and overwhelmed. The current situation and the suffering associated with it makes many people very concerned and makes us feel helpless. Millions of people have already fled from Ukraine to escape the war – and now need support. Throughout Europe peace demonstrations are being held, shelters are being organized, and relief supplies are being collected and transported – there are countless ways to help the people from Ukraine. We at Public Link have decided that we want to get involved individually and are actively doing so. You can follow us on how we do this on our social networks Instagram and LinkedIn

Our clients are also doing their part to support the people in Ukraine and their families in Germany. Energy food manufacturer Clif Bar is working with its long-time partner Convoy of Hope to provide emergency aid and support their relief efforts on the ground. Finnish sneaker brand Rens is donating 100 percent of all proceeds from the sale of “Ocean Blue Sneakers” to charitable relief organizations for two months. MEININGER Hotels is providing some hotel rooms for refugees in Berlin.

Also the vegan fashion label Alife & Kickin shows solidarity – how exactly they support Ukraine, Lisa Schwebel from Alife & Kickin tells us in a short interview:

Alife & Kickin® is a fair and vegan street and sportswear brand with a focus on style, functionality and sustainability. The eco-friendly fashion label, which has banned all animal products from its collections since 2013, is officially PETA Approved Vegan.

PL: Dear Lisa, nice of you to take time for us. Please introduce yourself and your job briefly.

Lisa Schwebel: I’m Lisa, I work as a freelancer at Alife & Kickin and I’m mainly responsible for [the production and campaign planning of] image shoots. Currently I’m also taking over the social media account. 

PL: February 24, 2022 will probably remain one of the shock markers in all of our memories. Are you affected by the current situation and how do you deal with it? 

Lisa: Our production was not affected by this. However, it must be said that emotionally, of course, it was a standstill. I also paused the social media activities for a time, but for the reason that I helped to pack boxes at the Avus rest stop outside Berlin and was not actively working for Alife & Kickin at all. Also our CEO Nick has completely extended and renovated two apartments so that he can take in refugees, besides the usual madness.

PL: How did you get active together as a company? 

Lisa: As a company, we donated 600 winter jackets worth about €50,000 – a 12h action. [It only took one phone call and] via express, a freight forwarder came to the Avus in Berlin and there we loaded the jackets with the Berlin designers Marina Hörmanseder and Ewa Herzog directly to Ukraine.

PL: Do you have any opportunities within the company to get involved?

Lisa: Internally, we called for donations for the expansion of the two apartments of Nick. So everyone could participate in different ways: I remotely sent an IKEA gift card, others helped clean the apartments on site, or filled the fridge.

PL: What has the response been like? 

Lisa: One apartment is now occupied. We found a family through a private contact who have now moved in: a mother with twins (3.5 years old) and grandparents to boot. Nick’s family is also taking care of registration, daycare places etc. at the moment. 

The mother also has the possibility to start with us, she probably will. At the moment she is still arriving. Last weekend we all went to the zoo together to give the kids a little normality. 

For the other apartment (approx. 40qm) we are still looking for refugees. Unfortunately, the authorities in Saxony are not behind with the placement, which is a pity, because everything is completely ready for occupancy, the refrigerator is filled, etc.. 

Also the Truck with the donations from the Avus rest stop (including our jackets) arrived in Ukraine.

PL: What was your experience? Can you give any tips to other companies who also want to get involved?

Lisa: It was our private gut decision to help and to do and give what we can. If other companies decide to donate, there are a lot of fundraisers regionally and across Europe on many different platforms. Just do it and make it happen. 

We were lucky because of our short communication channels that it was super fast. One call and the jackets were ready to ship, which is actually an advantage with our company size. 

PL: Dear Lisa, thank you very much for your answers and for your commitment! 

In Berlin and all over Germany there are countless possibilities to help the people from Ukraine and we would like to give you a small overview so that you can become active yourself!

Help on arrival:

Support large aid organizations:

Organize emergency shelter:


Peacefully protest: