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Client: Lotao
Industry: Food & Beverage
Services: Launch Campaign | Consumer PR | Product PR | Trade PR | Influencer Relations | Pop-Up Store


Stunning idea, this superfruit.

A healthy lifestyle and conscious nutrition are trends; many are fed up with meat and seek a convincing alternative. That is where Lotao comes in. The company, founded in 2011 by Stefan Fak in Berlin, is devoted to exquisite Asian specialities, predominantly organic. Now Lotao is capturing the market for meat-substitute products with its innovative range of products “Lotao Green” made of jackfruit – from jackfruit goulash to ready-made jackfruit organic cutlets. Apart from aficionados in the vegan scene few in this part of the world have ever heard of this superfruit. That is why we are opening a guaranteed meat-free PR buffet for the market launch.


Eat good food and talk about it

With the help of a comprehensive communications strategy we aim to spread awareness of the superfruit beyond the vegan community. The young jackfruit offers numerous benefits: Thanks to its fibrous structure it absorbs spices superbly and has a similar texture to meat, as well it is extremely low-calorie and protein-rich. The jackfruit’s diverse possibilities for use and its convincing performance as a substitute for meat form the basis for all PR activities.


Hope you like it!

Lotao Green is on everyone’s lips, and in their mouths. With an integrated PR campaign, Public Link communicated the product introduction widely, although adapted for the relevant reference groups. The whole campaign was based on a compelling storyline about Lotao that shows the company as an innovative player with high ecological and social standards – because Lotao obtains the jackfruit from 100 percent organic cultivation of Indian farmers’ cooperatives.


Public Link assists the introduction of the products with consumer PR and trade PR – including product mailings with theme-based individualised media pitches, media relations to accompany a stand at the BIOFACH organic food fair and a popup store in the Galeries Lafayette Berlin, Germany-wide editorial tours and influencer cooperations – and thereby positioned Lotao as THE universal supplier of jackfruit specialities.


„The texture of the jackfruit tree’s young fruit flesh is indeed reminiscent of beef or chicken.“ Fit for Fun

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