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Client: Expedia
Industry: Travel & Mobility
Services: Launch campaign | Content creation | Video shoot | Influencer relations | Media relations | Radio PR


Travelling with nose pickers, seat kickers and loud talkers

For the second time, the world’s largest online travel portal Expedia commissioned an international, representative study on travel behaviour, for which 18,000 participants from 23 nations were surveyed. We communicated the findings of this study on the German market in 2019. With a tailor-made launch campaign, we edited the insights of the study in an attractive and media-friendly way, thus underlining Expedia’s core competence as an industry expert with a clear consumer focus.


These Germans...

We play with clichés and put ourselves in different kinds of situations, because we know our target group and know what moves them. We underline this with representative facts based on our stories, which is indispensable for our market. Combined with shared experience and memories, we create a sense of belonging and an approving nod. The focal point here was our etiquette expert, who commented on the results of the study and guided us through the main findings in style and with charm.


Please take your seats now...

because we are ready for take-off! Near Berlin, on the oldest airfield in the world and with a historic INTERFLUG aircraft, we found the perfect scenery for our video shoot. Combined with various press activities, a paid video placement and well-timed radio PR, we created a consistent and yet multifaceted launch campaign, which paved the way for an extensive media presence. In this way, we once again placed Expedia as a likeable and helpful player in the otherwise quite opaque travel market.


“If one follows an elevation of the travel offerer Expedia, then flying these days is truly no joy. Every year, the booking platform asks its users about etiquette when travelling.” – WEB.de

 “Chatty, bad-tempered or pushy – some seat neighbors in an airplane can become an unforgettable experience, but not always in a positive sense. […] A study of the online travel agency Expedia shows which passenger types are most likely to drive air travelers to white heat.” – Abendzeitung, München

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