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Client: Vitamix
Industry: Food & Beverage
Services: Launch Campaign | Consumer PR | Product PR | Influencer Relations | Social Media Management | Content Creation | Community Management | Social Media Marketing | Online Marketing


Feed your Life

The well-established US brand Vitamix, founded 1920, is market leading manufacturer of high-performance blenders for private and commercial use. In January 2019, the company introduced its new entry-level model Explorian to the market in Germany. With the campaign claim “Feed Your Life” Vitamix positioned itself with Explorian as a lifestyle brand that promotes the general wellbeing and culinary adventure of consumers. Our task was the development of an integrated launch campaign for the German market based around the global brand relaunch of Vitamix – with a clear focus on consideration & conversion.


Endless passion

We match the mindset and needs of Germans with the interests of a Vitamix buyer and in this way profile a unique target group with individual desires and motives for buying. “Young LOHAS” strive for health, sustainability and codetermination. At the same time, they are creative and demanding, always searching for quality and versatility. We used these valuable consumer insights and in the grey winter season positioned Explorian as the perfect enabler for a versatile, colourful and healthy start to the year.


Welcome to your Vitamix world!

We developed an integrated launch campaign that in addition to PR and social media (extending the presence on FB also to Instagram) also included influencer relations for Vitamix in Germany for the first time. To support this we created content that went beyond simple product communications and aimed to impress young LOHAS with the versatility and quality of Explorian and engender a “Feed your Life” mindset. Curated content, adapted for each communications channel, coupled with a deliberate paid strategy increased the relevance and ensured that members of the target group would become fans of Explorian.


If you are like me and blend smoothies almost every day (or prepare soups and nut spreads) you’re sure to be delighted with a Vitamix.“ desired

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