Launch campaign for the new European search machine

Qwant Launch PR-Kampagne

Our task:

First introduced in France in July 2013, the search engine is now available in over 200 countries. Together with an international team of 25 engineers across Paris and Nice, the Qwant founders are constantly working towards further technological development, as well as the expansion and exploration of new business areas.

To mark the official German launch in March 2014, publiclink organised a panel discussion in Berlin with Qwant founders Jean Manuel Rozan and Eric Leandri, accompanied by online experts Frank Schmeichen und Dr. Ortwin Wohlrab. With the slogan „Neutral, Privacy Compliant, Socially Orientated: the alternative search engine of tomorrow“, the founders used this opportunity to formally introduce their concept in Germany for the first time, discussing it extensively with the attending journalists, bloggers and SEO-Experts.

With regard to raising brand awareness, the launch campaign has advocated the value of one-on-one contact with leading German media and bloggers, over that of traditional press-orientated public relations. The campaign’s instant ripple effect in the media and across the social web has been huge and overwhelmingly positive, with the days following the launch seeing a veritable explosion in the number of search inquiries made on Qwant by the German community.

Project: 2014


About Qwant

Qwant.com is the first European search engine that systematically catalogues the entire web.

Qwant offers a comprehensive web search, which takes user-experience into account, while still maintaining the privacy of the individual.

All search results are assembled on one side of the page and displayed according to category.

In addition to this, Qwant.com searches also include full coverage of all social media channels.