Agencies need boldness for the future now! – Public Link in conversation with brand strategist Alexandra Mittag

Alex Mittag

Agencies need boldness for the future now! – Public Link in conversation with brand strategist Alexandra Mittag

Month: December
Year: 2020

A deep-rooted loyalty of the community makes brands and companies more crisis-resistant, especially in these times – to achieve this, however, they need a future-proof brand management and strategy as well as an engaging brand communication. That is where our longtime partner and brand strategist Alexandra Mittag comes into play. In the interview she explains why agencies should avoid panicked acquisition of new customers in times of crisis and gives tips and suggestions for the future of the agency industry. 

PL: Dear Alex, it’s great to have you with us. Please introduce yourself and your job briefly.

Alex: I worked in communication agencies for years, supporting numerous branded companies and social organizations, and then went into business on my own in 2014. Since then I have been helping agencies and companies with brand management and developing sustainable brand strategies and brand communication together with them.

PL: Although brand management is one of their core areas of expertise, many agencies fail when it comes to their own brand. How do you explain this discrepancy?

Alex: On the one hand, ongoing client projects have the highest priority, only a few agencies manage to spend time continuously dealing with themselves, and on the other hand they lack the concept. Many use their expertise profitably for their clients, but have no plan for themselves. They rely too much on recommendations and existing networks when acquiring new clients. This inhibits growth and can lead to a panic reaction in times of crisis. 

PL: Why is now the ideal time for agencies to work on their own brand?

Alex: This is the perfect time for optimists. Because they believe they can lead their agency through the crisis into a new reality. And that’s exactly what is needed now, courage for the future! 

In view of the far-reaching changes, the crisis is initiating a fundamental process of renewal. It requires a new quality of entrepreneurial foresight and a new willingness to outline visions that are tied into a present that has been taken off its hinges. Those who are prepared to do so can rewrite their own history. 

PL: The debate surrounding Scholz&Friends – dealing with applicants and employees – has really stirred up the agency industry this year. What factors do you think agencies should focus on compared to the past in order to create a positive image for themselves and the industry in general?

Alex: I am convinced that future success is a question of future culture. So the question is not what agencies can do to polish their image, but rather how the whole industry can be culturally transformed to have a right to exist in the future. Gone are the days when 10 percent of the executives made up 90 percent of the salaries, and titles set the tone. 

Agencies have to empower their employees, have to build and expand expertise from within, have to develop a culture of participation. This unleashes creative power and innovation potential, and encourages employees to share risks and opportunities. 

PL: Thanks for this very interesting interview Alex!