Selfie-Stick? AirSelfie!

AirSelfie, the world’s first portable flying camera, has officially been launched in Germany. public link supervised the innovative gadget’s market entry with a comprehensive PR campaign.

Quadrocopter instead of selfie stick

Bye, bye selfie stick: the future of the self-portrait belongs to AirSelfie, the world’s first pocket-size flying camera. It makes wide-angle and video footage in HD quality possible – from a bird’s-eye prespective!

AirSelfie in Action

Object of desire: AirSelfie

Weighing just 61g and with a case made from anodized aeronautical grade aluminium, AirSelfie is the lightest, thinnest, flying camera which connects to your phone cover. Its Italian design makes it robust and extremely stylish. The special AirSelfie case, which fits onto your smartphone, is able to transport the flying camera safely while charging it at the same time. With its four turbo propellers, AirSelfie can fly up to 20m high, while its
5 megapixel HD video camera, vibration absorber system and the in-flight stability systems (altitude sonar and stability camera), guarantee stable clear and flowing images. These can be shared immediately over social media networks.

Edoardo Stroppiana

Inventor and co-founder of AirSelfie: Edoardo Stroppiana


We worked really hard to create a product that will enable people to experience a completely new type of visual experience. It’s a monumental event for us to be presenting our product in Germany and we can’t wait to see all the fantastic selfies that users are going to take.
– AirSelfie Co-Gründer Edoardo Stroppiana



Roadshow and Media Day for the kick-off

Edoardo Stroppiana presents AirSelfie

Edoardo Stroppiana presents AirSelfie

AirSelfie’s official kick-off in Germany took place in Berlin. In order to present the innovative gadget to the capital city’s numerous media outlets, public link organized not only individual editorial visits with co-founder Edoardo Stroppiana, but also an exclusive media day. Various regional and national media outlets and influencers from TV, radio, print and online sources attended and received individual content on-site in order to report on the market entry in a format-appropriate way. On the day of the launch, media outlets, journalists, multipliers and influencers from across Germany were informed about the AirSelfie launch and received photo and video material.

Since the successful launch, public link has been acting as AirSelfie’s press agency in Germany. Next to ongoing communication activities, the PR agency initiated targeted product placements and reviews.

Overview of PR activities

  • Launch strategy
  • Creation of PR basis
  • Individual roadshow
  • Exclusive media day
  • Launch communication
  • Initiation of product placements and reviews
  • German press agency


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