We can do a lot, but not everything. As much as we like going beyond limits, we are aware of where our core strengths lie. That is why over the years we have worked on establishing a strong network of agencies and experts from home and abroad.

Whether a single project or a complete campaign, we act as an integral partner in providing a single-step solution, or we transfer the contact directly to one of our experienced partners. This network is an important addition to our expertise and helps us gain a more profound understanding of markets, stakeholders and consumers.

Specialized network for market launches

Over the last few years, we have greatly invested in building a network that meets our standards of quality and flexibility with strong focus on the essentials. This is because for us, a market launch is always more than the sum of its isolated parts. Tested together with our launch partners specializing in market research, marketing and online marketing, we offer tailored solutions from a single source.

Support expansion abroad

From the very beginning, public link has been working closely with international agencies in major markets. In addition to this, we are also a member of the GlobalCom PR network – one of the leading global PR networks with over 70 owner-operated agencies in more than 60 countries.

As part of the Consumer & Lifestyle Competence Team, we stay in close contact with our partner agencies and benefit from their extensive, first-hand expertise. These specifically tailored and internationally applicable services allow us to offer our clients expansion into a variety of markets.

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