Launch PR – pumps us up

Launch PR is what motivates us. To date, we have supported more than 70 market entries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Both strategically and operationally. Thus, we know that to conquer German-speaking markets is a challenging and long term process.

Five steps to successful market entry

From preparation to implementation: Strategic advice is very important to us. To successfully establish our client’s brand, product or company in German-speaking markets, we proceed as follows:

  1. Analysis of the market: locate competitors, define target audience/potential consumers and identify trends
  2. Brand positioning: determine brand essence; differentiating the brand from competition and aligning values to the target group
  3. Development of a communication strategy which is networked and integrated with marketing and sales: define relevant core issues; link offline, online and social media activities
  4. Identification of relevant communication channels and multipliers
  5. Implementation of the communication strategy; brand building; lead generation

Five proven steps for a successful launch. What is special about us apart from our many years of experience in launch PR? We love what we do. We live for innovative ideas and for integrated content. We never lose sight of our ultimate goal: to be an indispensable part of the value added and the complete communication solution. Here is what our agency does in just a click:

Do you see the potential for a market entry? We would love to learn about it in a more engaging dialogue. After all, your launch is what gets us pumped.