Since the early days of public link we have worked for clients from abroad and so we are constantly interested in seeing the German-speaking market and its consumers from an international perspective. To pursue this interest more deeply, and to offer young professionals from other countries an insight into the agency scene in Germany, we developed Launch Academy, an intercultural training program.

As part of their around three months of learning-by-doing, trainees of the Launch Academy get to know our special “launch agency” way of working and at the same time garner valuable practical skills by taking part in our international project teams. An experienced consultant is available to each student as mentor. In addition they have the opportunity to participate in our employee vocational advancement program.
Personal exchanges and knowledge transfer are the focus of Launch Academy. As an international agency, we profit in return from all the unique impressions we obtain from our students from abroad and their ways of looking at the German market. This helps us to give clearer advice to our clients, especially when explaining consumer behavior.

Launch Academy Studentin Judith Morsel – 24, France

Judith Morsel

From A to J

Judith, from France, is our second trainee at the launch academy. Alexander is back in Montreal and now Judith will find out what German PR is all about. Her articles are all featured in our blog.



Intercultural rendezvous Berlin-Switzerland

Within the launch academy Judith conducted an intercultural rendezvous and interviewed four internationals on their personal impressions and experiences of daily life in the following destinations: Berlin and Switzerland.

Launch Academy - Grün machen

‘Grün machen’

Let’s launch ‚grünmachen’

Inspired by the British Duvet Day, public link has launched ‚grünmachen’. Instead of throwing a sickie we can now take a day off without giving prior notice.

Launch academy intercultural cross way

happy launch

Welcome at the intercultural cross-way

Our two trainees Judith and Alex exchange their personal experience at the launch academy in form of a “ping-pong”-interview.