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#LaunchAcademy – Time flies…

  I can’t believe this is my final blog post for the public link #LaunchAcademy! Five months has flown by and I can hardly believe that my time in Berlin and here at public link is at an end. In this post I wanted to take a look back and mention a few of the… Read more »Weiterlesen »

#LaunchAcademy – The Kreuzberg Buyers Club

A few weeks ago, the Berlin art and fashion scene was lit up by the arrival of #BerlinFashionWeek and as a #LaunchAcademy intern, I was lucky enough to attend several of the exciting events going on throughout the city. One that I found particularly interesting was an evening put on by The Kreuzberg Buyers Club,… Read more »Weiterlesen »

#LaunchAcademy RECAP Part 2: Business Perspectives

  As you might know from last week’s post, we are currently indulging in a throwback month here at the public link #LaunchAcademy, in which we highlight a few of our favourite contributions from #LaunchAcademy interns so far! Last week we concentrated on Cultural Comparisons, showing some of the ideas our previous interns had come… Read more »Weiterlesen »

#LaunchAcademy – Bright Tradeshow XX

I’ve already mentioned being completely spoilt for choice as an intern in Berlin this last week – #BerlinFashionWeek and #InternationaleGrüneWoche have been keeping us all very busy at the public link #LaunchAcademy! Wednesday’s event was the Bright Tradeshow XX on Brunnenstraße, which was a great opportunity to learn about an innovate platform through which brands, both famous and unknown,… Read more »Weiterlesen »

#LaunchAcademy – Mémoire de Pétrole by Volkswagen

With #BerlinFashionWeek  AND #InternationaleGrüneWoche, there’s so much going on in Berlin this week that it’s proving hard to decide which events to prioritize here at the public link #LaunchAcademy! However, one event that I’m glad I didn’t miss out on was the Sleek Magazine launch party for Volkwagen’s latest perfume, ‘Mémoire de Pétrole’.  

#LaunchAcademy – Der Rixdorfer Weihnachtsmarkt

Also es ist offiziell, der Winter ist in Berlin angekommen. Es ist arktisch. Und man sagt, dass die Temperatur möglicherweise um weitere 10 Grad sinken könnte. Toll. Allerdings gebe ich zu, Deutschland ist im Winter der angesagte Ort. Als Teil meiner Stelle als #LaunchAcademy Praktikantin, eine meiner Aufgaben ist die wichtige Aspekte der Berlin-Kultur zu erforschen… Read more »Weiterlesen »

#LaunchAcademy – German vs. English Work Culture

Hello everyone, Sophie from the public link #LaunchAcademy here! I recently read an article entitled ‘Why Germans Work Fewer Hours But Produce More: A Study In Culture’, and it raised some interesting ideas regarding the German attitude to work and compared to that of America. This really got me thinking about how these ideas would… Read more »Weiterlesen »

#LaunchAcademy – 25 Jahre Mauerfall

Hello everyone, Sophie here with a new #LaunchAcademy update for you! Ok so you all have three guesses as to what I’m going to write about in this week’s blogpost, it’s a tricky one I know… but last night’s Mauerfall celebrations really were something worth talking about. Walking through the city this morning, you could… Read more »Weiterlesen »